For the unique timbre of my voice,

rounded and warm, with a medium to deep pitch which can be modulated (I can comfortably cover a range of just over two octaves) and adapted to suit all your projects.

For my ability to speak other languages,

the result of years spent studying languages and working abroad, allowing me to also offer my services in English and Spanish.

For my atypical professional background,

proof of my flexibility and ability to adapt. I am now 39 years old and I was a production manager at a corporate events agency for more than 10 years, giving me an insight into the world of communication agencies, as well as an understanding of the needs of their end clients. I have also been a nurse, though not quite for so long! ;-) But thanks to this experience, I am now better equipped than most to quickly make sense of all types of medical texts.

For my written language skills,

which allow me to offer you an additional rewriting service, reformulating your texts to achieve the most fluid and powerful effect.

For my life-long passions,

theatre and singing, which has meant that over the years I have played a number of roles in various contexts and can do your character VOs the justice they deserve.

For my personal and professional values,

which means I see phrases like “client focus”, “customer care”, “flexibility” and “responsiveness” as more than just empty words.

So what are you waiting for? Call me now on 06 84 37 55 23.