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Recurring collaboration with MV Group

Here’s the result of a nice TV campaign for MV Group, which has trusted me repeatedly for about two years, broadcasted on BFM TV
Ce spot TV a été décliné dans un second temps en spot WEB, dont voici le résultat

Development of my activity in Switzerland. Radio Advertising

A few months ago, I started a new collaboration with MOG, a private group of Swiss Media, composed of 6 radio and 2 television stations, as well as an advertsing agency that markets 8 radio stations and 3 tv channels, which now entrusts me with many radio ads, of which here are some extracts. The rest is online on my Soundcloud page.

The medical field and me…

Many players in the medical and paramedical industry regularly trust me in corporate videos or in elearning, as evidenced by the result of a recent collaboration with the company LEEM, dedicated to the digital revolution in the medical industry of the future.

In addition, the company Biologie Elearning renews its confidence for the sixth consecutive year, by entrusting me with the registration of all its training modules in the field of medical biology, for caregivers.

« Creepy pasta » , or the art of horror storytelling….

If I had been told that I would one day have fun telling horror stories intended to give goosbumps to an audience mainly composed of teenagers, found of such stories!… My voiceover job definitely leads to everyone ! ☺ I have thus started for more than a year, a recurring collaboration with a partner fond of these scaring stories, who entrusted me ith about thirty stories so to tell behind my microphone.

Les « Creepy pastas » ou la narration d’histoires d’horreur…

Si on m’avait dit que je m’amuserais un jour à raconter des histoires d’horreur destinées à donner la chair de poule à un public principalement adolescent, friand de telles histoires !… La voix-off mène décidément à tout !… J’ai ainsi entamé depuis plus d’un an une collaboration récurrente avec un partenaire friand de ces histoires à donner la chair de poule, qui m’a confié une trentaine d’histoires de la sorte à raconter derrière mon micro …

Acting voices…. I’m asking for more !

I had fun making a small compilation of acting voices that I have had a growing pleasure in doing lately, mainly in the advertising field. I remind you that all my audios are available on my soundcloud acount in the adress mentioned at the top of this page. Have a good listening !

Exploration of the narrative field

I have been exploring more narrative voices for some time, than the ones to which I am used to in the corporate and advertising fields, such as the one retained in this report dedicated to the city of Cernay – which still remains quite straight – of which here is an excerpt :

I was also honoured, some time ago, to be led to contribute to this documentary brodcast on Marticique Première, regarding Islam in the French Islands :

Institutionnal field remains my core business

Although I have developped a number of recurring collaborations over the past two years with different agencies specialising in advertising, and explored more narrative areas in different fields, the corporate one remains my core business for the moment. Hre is a typical example of production to which I often lend my voice :

En français

En anglais

Collaborations in several languages

I continue to work a lot in the corporate field, mainly in French which is my native voice, but also in english, as evidenced by this recent collaboration in both languages for the company ALPHA MAINTENANCE :

Volet 1

Volet 2

Life after confinement…

Epack hygiène, all the restaurateurs and in general, all the food professions, have been impacted during the various confinements. Here is a spot encouraging the customers to support restaurateurs by returning to the restaurant as soon as the establishments reopen officialized, declined in two stages. Broadcat on BFM TV.


COVID has disrupted the economy and functioning of our entire country. The Réalités Group wanted to pay tribute to caregivers and entrepreneurs so poorly conducted during the crisis, in this commercial broadcat on BFM TV.

Report for the BRGM

Here is a shirt report for the BRGM to which I recently lent my voice in a logic that is both narrative and explanatory. I really like this area in which voices asking for its naturalness is fluid.


I’ve had the pleasure of recently contributing to the making of this institutional film for the marine cosmetics brand Agrimer, who entrusted me with the recording of both its French and English versions.
A delightful collaboration, with the satisfaction of being given the opportunity to work in both languages, here is the result.

Recurring radio contributions

Having mainly worked in the Institutional and eLearning sectors for three years, I have developed in recent months new recurring collaborations with radio production companies which have allowed me to expand my vocal range and widen my acting palette, often in funny adverts that are dynamic or offbeat, here’s an example … You can hear all my radio contributions on the Advert page of this website or on my professional soundcloud account (link at the bottom of the page).

Banque Palatine

For the third year in a row, the Banque Palatine has entrusted me with the recording of its radio and TV billboards broadcasted on BFM and Radio Classique. An early collaboration with a loyal and sizeable customer who did not hesitate to give me a chance when I first started in the voice-over industry.

Teasers et Crowdfunding…

Here is the result of recent contributions in crowdfunding and teasing campaigns for young entrepreneurs about to launch their new businesses.

Series of tutorials for the Crédit Foncier

I’ve also had the pleasure of contributing recently to a series of tutorials aimed at helping the Crédit Foncier’s customers make better use of the Bank’s tools and services. The tone used here is natural and smiling, I really enjoyed recording this series of 5 tutorials!

Work in foreign languages…

Working in foreign languages is always an additional challenge because it is not only a matter of finding the most appropriate voice intonation for the given text, but also the right accent … This is the reason why many customers usually use natives, but sometimes the customer wants a single voice in several languages, or maybe the French-Touch can be an added value for companies wishing to export abroad … Here is an example of a recent collaboration in English, but you can find all my contributions in English or Spanish in the Other Languages page of this website.


Here is the result of my recent contribution to the making of an institutional film for the ophthalmological laboratory Précilens, which manufactures night lenses, among other things.