I’ve had the pleasure of recently contributing to the making of this institutional film for the marine cosmetics brand Agrimer, who entrusted me with the recording of both its French and English versions.
A delightful collaboration, with the satisfaction of being given the opportunity to work in both languages, here is the result.

Recurring radio contributions

Having mainly worked in the Institutional and eLearning sectors for three years, I have developed in recent months new recurring collaborations with radio production companies which have allowed me to expand my vocal range and widen my acting palette, often in funny adverts that are dynamic or offbeat, here’s an example … You can hear all my radio contributions on the Advert page of this website or on my professional soundcloud account (link at the bottom of the page).

Banque Palatine

For the third year in a row, the Banque Palatine has entrusted me with the recording of its radio and TV billboards broadcasted on BFM and Radio Classique. An early collaboration with a loyal and sizeable customer who did not hesitate to give me a chance when I first started in the voice-over industry.

Teasers et Crowdfunding…

Here is the result of recent contributions in crowdfunding and teasing campaigns for young entrepreneurs about to launch their new businesses.

Series of tutorials for the Crédit Foncier

I’ve also had the pleasure of contributing recently to a series of tutorials aimed at helping the Crédit Foncier’s customers make better use of the Bank’s tools and services. The tone used here is natural and smiling, I really enjoyed recording this series of 5 tutorials!

Work in foreign languages…

Working in foreign languages is always an additional challenge because it is not only a matter of finding the most appropriate voice intonation for the given text, but also the right accent … This is the reason why many customers usually use natives, but sometimes the customer wants a single voice in several languages, or maybe the French-Touch can be an added value for companies wishing to export abroad … Here is an example of a recent collaboration in English, but you can find all my contributions in English or Spanish in the Other Languages page of this website.


Here is the result of my recent contribution to the making of an institutional film for the ophthalmological laboratory Précilens, which manufactures night lenses, among other things.